Universal Numerical Base Converter

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This application is designed and developed by Saumitra Chakravarty under GNU General Public License. May be used or distributed for non-commercial educational purposes only.


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What is this thing?

Convert any number from any base to any other base. For help, click on the “?” sign at the top left.

This flash web application is cited in the following work(s) by Saumitra Chakravarty:

  1. Goniter Sather Bosobas (BOOK) > Chapter 6
  2. Praner Majhe Gonit Baje: Bijgoniter Gaan (BOOK) > Section 2(l)

Python code for doing (almost) the same thing

It converts the number 1971 from base 16 to base 12 (note line 3). The output in this case should be 3929. You can change the three parameters to convert a different number from a different base to yet another different base.