Prime Number Checker

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This application is designed and developed by Saumitra Chakravarty under GNU General Public License. May be used or distributed for non-commercial educational purposes only.


May not play if you do not have the latest Flash Player installed. In case of Android devices, may require Dolphin Jetpack and Dolphin Browser along with Flash Player Plugin to play this application.

What is this thing?

Check if any natural number is prime or not. Just enter your number on the left and press/tap the ‘hunt prime’ button in the middle. Result will be shown to the right. There is a certain upper limit of number beyond which this program will crash.

Beware! This program is run using the memory resource of your device (PC, phone etc.) and not using the server-side storage. So better not to try overloading the system by entering ridiculously large number. You will end up hanging your device instead.

This flash web application is cited in the following work(s) by Saumitra Chakravarty:

  1. Praner Majhe Gonit Baje: Bijgoniter Gaan (BOOK) > Section 3(j)

Python code for doing (almost) the same thing

It checks if the number 773 is prime or not (note line 9). The output in this case should be ‘Prime’. You can change the input number to see check whether any other positive integer is prime or not. For example, substituting 12 for 773 would give the output ‘Not Prime’.