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HWsim_36x36 (Hardy-Weinberg Simulator) is the first of its kind in terms of cross-platform compatibility including android devices that simulates the changes of genotype compositions and allele frequencies of a Mendelian population upto hundred generations comprising of diploid organisms. The simulation can be run based on the assumption of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium or under a set of diverse conditions that disrupts or deviates the equilibrium leading to evolutionary changes. User-defined conditions on founder population composition, selection pressure, mutation rates, migration-emigration, non-random mating and fluctuating population size can be implemented singly as well as in combinations, simple or complex, to see their effects and trends on the genetic make-up of the population across generations. Essentially, this is an in-silico approach to understand evolution at population genetic level but one that does not require a super computer to run! User can save the output tables and graphs as cross-platform compatible spreadsheet and image file formats. The other apps on Hardy-Weinberg Principal those are available to date are just simple tools to calculate allele frequencies and genotype frequencies of a single generation at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium which does not actually require an app in the sense that it can easily be calculated from a set of trivial formulae.

This app has been developed using ActionScript 3.0 with the help of Adobe Air SDK versions 3.2;; 29.0.0199 and as3corelib-.93 library within Adobe Flash Professional CS6 environment

Windows installer package has been created using InstallForge

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Hardy-Weinberg Simulator [Google Play]

Note 1: In case of Android 6 or previous versions, it might take longer to load. Sometimes, closing the app and opening it again would solve the issue.

Note 2: If it fails to save simulation summary as image of excel file in the main internal storage drive/folder of your Android device, try enabling “Storage” of the app within Settings > Apps or similar menu depending on your Android version.

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Installation in Android devices may need to allow “install apps from unknown sources” in the “Settings” menu
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To run HWsim_36x36 properly, you may need Adobe Air Runtime to be installed in your device.
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This application is cited in the following work(s) by Saumitra Chakravarty:
Jiboner Ganitik Rohossyo: Population Genetics O Game Theory (BOOK)

This application is designed and developed by Saumitra Chakravarty under GNU General Public License. May be used or distributed for non-commercial purposes only.

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