Saumitra and His Works

Saumitra Chakravarty. Photo courtesy: Nurunnaby Chowdhury (Hasive), CC-BY-SA 4.0

Web of Science ResearcherID: AAD-8496-2019

Saumitra Chakravarty was born on 1 January 1987 at Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He is happily married to Shuvra Chakraborty, who not only shares his profession as a physician but also his passion for science as well. The couple has a daughter, Ornithine Chakraborty. Saumitra’s father is a retired Deputy Director of the Directorate General of Health Services, Bangladesh and ex-principal of Jhenaidah Institute of Health Technology. His mother Saraswati Rani Roy works as a nursing supervisor at Jhenaidah District Hospital. He has a younger brother who is a graduate in Computer Science & Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology.

After studying through several institutions, namely Child Care Nursery Homes, Kanchannagar Model High School, Jhenaidah Cadet College, Mymensingh Medical College and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, in chronology, Saumitra Chakravarty is Assistant Professor of Pathology at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (formerly known as PG Hospital), Dhaka, the oldest and the most prestigious medical university of Bangladesh. He is a researcher in medical science and a reviewer of high-impact international medical journal. However, his passion in mathematics and other areas of sciences lets him wander away from his academic confines from time to time when it comes to research.

Some of his other positions include Academic Councilor of Bangladesh Math Olympiad Committee, General Secretary of Bangladesh Biology Olympiad Central Committee, Country Coordinator of Bangladesh at International Biology Olympiad and Founder of Mymensingh Parallel Math School. He writes regularly in several newspapers and periodicals, both online and print, mostly on science and mathematics. His leisure is occupied by family time, non-profit organizational activities, reading, writing, watching movies or youtube videos, computer programming, graphic designing and painting. He has authored / co-authored / edited as many as twenty books on mathematics, biology, literature and medical science well-received by readers so far which have been published from home or abroad. It is noteworthy that he has designed the cover and done the complete illustration of five of those books himself.

He was honored with Haleema-Sharfuddin Science Award 2021 for his book Corona Brittanto which is a bi-annual title from the highest national body on Bangla language and literature, the Bangla Academy.

Saumitra Chakravarty, who is an ardent proponent of freethinking, dreams of a superstition-free scientific-minded knowledge-based future society where everyone gets equal opportunity to flourish their true potential in a way that is beneficial to the humanity.

Books by Saumitra Chakravarty

Programming-e Jibonpaath CoverGolpe Jolpe Jibbiggan Coverjibkosh taa noy jaa tumi bhabchhoHatekolome_Biggan_2_coverCorona_Brittanto_CoverWhy_Front_Cover_webHatekolome_Biggan_CoverCover_Jibbiggaber_Joto_JiggasaJiboner_Ganitik_Rohosyo_CoverCover_Lokhko_Jokhon_OlympiadNational_Biotech_Action_Plan_2018_2027_webCover_NCTB_Biology_Secondary_2018cover_bujhe_kori_jemiti_for_websiteCover_Jibbiggan_Olympiad_Sonkolon_frontcover_Amar_Prothom_Gonit_BoiCover_Goniter_Sathe_BosobasCover_SombhobotoCover_Human Placental Trophoblasts Impact of Maternal NutritionCover_Jiboner Golpo Part -2Cover_Jiboner Golpo Part -1Cover_Praner Maje Gonit Baje - Bijgoniter GaanCover_Sharirtotto Sobai PoroStephen_King_Stories_3_translation(resized)Cover_Goniter Rajje PiCover_Onker DhadhaCover_Praner Maje Gonit Baje - Jemitir Jonno Valobasha

Apps and Softwares by Saumitra Chakravarty

Hardy-Weinberg Simulator

Tax Calculator: Govt. Employee of Bangladesh

Prime Number Checker

Universal Numerical Base Converter

Probabilistic Determination of the Value of Pi by Buffon’s Needle

Expected Value vs. Trial Length

Proabilistic Determination of the Value of e by Shuffling

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Artworks by Saumitra Chakravarty
Folia Incognito (অচিন পাতা)
The Recurrence (পুনঃপৌণিক)
The Quest (অন্বেষা)
Dusk (বেলা শেষে)
The Setting (অস্ত)

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